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From one of the first ever movies (DRUMLINE), solely dedicated to the HBCU Show-Style Marching Bands, came a way to sum up the entire feel of a band:


This is the concept and mentality that every marching band member and "band-a-holic" manifest each fall at colleges and universities around the nation.  The bands put on their best game faces, tune their instruments, stretch their muscles, and prepare for the most exhilarating part of their day.  They have been working all week long to perfect their show piece and as they prepare to take the field the crowd goes wild!  Their sound can be heard afar off and its is their duty to excite the crowd.  Children eyes gleam.  Parents and friends alike smile with uncontrollable happiness.  If the band performs well, they have done their job, to entertain and motivate the crowd.  Their "show" is usually composed of an entrance song in which the perform the distinctive formations across the field.  It is then followed by a performance piece, in which the dance line of the respective school performs.  Then, the band slows down the tempo of the band experience by performing a concert piece.  This concert piece is usually a song that everyone knows.  It shows the versatility, structure, and aptitude of the band. Finally, the piece everyone has been waiting for....THE DANCE ROUTINE.  During this segment the band performs current popular Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, and Rap Songs,  while they exhibit choreographed dance moves.


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 Alabama A&M University
 Alabama State University
 Albany State University




 Alcorn State University
 Benedict College
 Bethune-Cookman University


 Bowie State University
 Clark Atlanta University
 Delaware State University


 Florida A&M University
 Fort Valley State University
 Grambling State University


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 Hampton University
 Howard University
 Jackson State University


 Johnson C. Smith University
 Livingstone College
 Miles College


 Mississippi Valley S.U.
 Morehouse College
 Morgan State University



 Morris Brown College
Norfolk State University
 North Carolina S. U.

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 North Carolina Cen. Univ.
Shaw University
South Carolina State University



 Southern University
Tennessee State University
Texas Southern University


 Univ. of Arkansas Pine Bluff
 Virginia State University
 Winston Salem State Univ.

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